swepindustries.com | Our Work in Ghana
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Our Work in Ghana


We have installed our production factory for bamboo pellets, chips and biomass in Ghana. It is a beautiful country with a huge potential and a great deal of natural resources.

We have access to 44,000 hectares of wild growing bamboo, and we have done this in partnership with the local land owners, and local farmers. We have legalised land agreements and supply quota agreements in place with these farmers & land owners.

It is estimated that we have access over 7 million metric tons of raw bamboo across the 44,000 hectares that we control.

We do not use heavy cutting machines for two reasons:
• Machines destroy the environment
• We prefer to use this opportunity to create work for local people


Bamboo grows faster than any other plant in the world. It grows so fast that you can see it grow!  It regenerates itself without the need of fertilizers or chemicals.
 Furthermore, a bamboo plantation collects more co2 per hectare than a regular forest.

To produce the total demand of chips or pellets from a regular forest (wood) could, in the worst case, lead to deforestation.
We all know that in many countries deforestation often leads to unstable land, which can cause mudslides. In many cases it also leads to desertification of the land.