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Our Products

We supply products to produce energy in a clean way, such as bamboo pellets and pellets from other organic materials.
The bamboo that we use grows wild, not in controlled plantations, and without the use of chemicals.
We also produce and sell Power generators that produce energy from biomass, starting on 10 kWh capacity.

Pellet stoves have many advantages comparing them with a regular gas, wood or coal stove. It is the most economic and sustainable way of heating a house or any other space.
They release less smoke and carbon dioxide; during the combustion pellets are consumed slower than carbon and wood, so it needs to be loaded with less weight for a fire of the same period of time.

The pellets storage is clean and requires a little space. Also the stoves have a nice design suitable for any kind of space, big or small (See Varmon)


Bamboo has +/ – the same calorific values as wood. We are able to supply bamboo in all forms and volumes, including pellets, briquettes and chipped bamboo.
We can customize your order regarding volume and packing.

Bamboo pellets stoves with a compact design, suitable for various spaces, such as homes or offices.
 These are the best heating alternative, they need less energy consumption and release less CO2 than regular stoves.



‏Palm kernel shells are a side product from the production of palm oil.
‏The crushed palm kernel shells (PKS) have a high calorific value and can be used as an efficient biomass.


Olive cake is an abundant by-product of the olive oil industry.
‏The traditional use of exhausted olive cake is as fuel in drying ovens or biomass boilers (co-firing) because of its thermal capacity. A biomass boiler with a fully automated feeding system can be used by a wide range of heat plants and agricultural businesses.


‏Marabu is a shrub or small tree with a very durable hard wood, immune to fungus and insects. It has a high density (1.11 to 1.23 9 / cm 3 with 15 humidity), fine texture and straight grain.
‏Its calorific value is around 4654 kcal / kg, and produces little smoke and ash.
‏It is very good for making charcoal and can be used as a source of biomass for low density solid fuel.


‏We have 2 types. We have one type that have HFFA of +/-11 and the other type with ea +/- 3.5 FFA.
‏We can deliver orders from 20 mt and up to 5.000 mt a month on regular basis.
‏Laboratory Analysis CPO11%