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Who Are We


Swep Industries is formed by a group of companies that are spread all over the globe, but linked by a common interest.

The journey towards sustainable energy is our primary focus. All of our partners and shareholders follow the same direction and have the same purpose – to reduce the use of fossil energy. The abusive use of fossil energy is the main contributing factor to global warming. At Swep Industries, we advocate for clean energy and for its responsible consumption.

Throughout 2015 we intend to reorganize our company structure to ensure total cohesion.


We offer a vast array of sustainable energy products such as bamboo pellets and chips and other types of biomass.

Clean, sustainable energy products are already in great demand and every prognosis points towards a steady increase in demand worldwide.

Our engineering department is qualified to construct and install new generation Biomass power plants. These power plants can even use up to 40% of household waste together with regular biomass.


Our team is highly professional and qualified, with wide experience across the clean energy sector. They contribute on making Swep Industries a solid company, committed to environmental preservation.
Our core business is the production of bamboo chips and pellets (for domestic and industrial use).

We also offer other biomass such as PKS, olive cake, and many others. If you have any specific requirement, please contact us at admin@swepindustries.com

Our head office is located in Barcelona. Our partners and affiliated companies are located in Portugal, England, Switzerland, Ghana, Dominican Republic and Guatemala.